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Sleepy Drawings
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Yo! Welcome to my personal blog!
Note: You can see arts or edits here.
( ゚▽゚)/
Warning: I draw or reblog whatever I like Beware.
Gajeel fangirl btw...

Okay I know I said before that I’ll be on hiatus for just a week. But now, I’m not sure that it’ll be in just a week, probably a month or more. Because my laptop was broken. And I dont think that my mom would let me bring it in the repair shop because it was repaired 2 times already. (and my mom think that its already too many). Right now I’m just on mobile. So reblog is all that I can do. Hope you understand :)

But maybe I would post traditional stuffs…

1 Week Hiatus

Heyy!! I just wanna let you know that I’ll be entering hiatus this week. Maybe you’ll see me messaging people or reblogging some stuffs in my personal blog but this blog won’t be updated for a week or more. I’ll need to study for my upcoming exams. Hope you understand, k bai. :>

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h-awk-ward: "Alright, this is majorily awkward because I've never done this before. But I got super emotional about one of your drawing and wrote the most angst filled one shot of my life. I put a link at the end that takes readers to the art, is that okay? Hope I did your beautiful drawing some justice with words! archiveofourown(.)org/works/2302646 "

that’s not awkward dear don’t worry, and thank you for sourcing my work.
But my emotions cannot handle it *gross sobbing* I love your writing, its very detailed, like every thing happens was depicted great!! *backs in sobbing*

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I should be reviewing right now but I’m doodling a Gajevy thing…

someone make me stop D:

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Anonymous: "i love your blog so much! what do you use to do all of your artwork? it is incredible :) "
Thank you! :D
I use these precioustuffs :’D

I mainly use sai, I only use photoshop for some effects that sai cant do. :>
If sometimes I draw traditionally, I only use a 0.5 mechanical pencil =w=

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bixlowhemianrhapsody replied to your photo:Happy Birthday Lemonadeo!!!! Here’s a Bixlow for…

SHEEEEEEEEEEET! SALAMI NG MARAMI SOFIA SOBRANG GALIIIIIIIING! (and g lang, pag magkita tayo may libre ka sakin hahahahaha) HUHUHU THANK YOU TALAGA AH! ;3;


I’ll make an edit of todays Gajevy scene. 

And I’ll start posting my edits on my fandom blog. :v

Happy Birthday Lemonadeo!!!!

Here’s a Bixlow for you~♥!